Activity Guidelines – for leaders and participants during Covid 19 restrictions

  • The program recommenced Tuesday 19 May 2020 (19/05/2020)  for MEMBERS only.  No visitors until further notice.
  • Maximum 10 People on a walk including the organiser(s). Organiser can set a lower limit.
  • Organiser to check if any out of local area restrictions are in place.
  • Organiser to collect Waiver Form information, and pre fill in contact information.
  • Organiser to continue to post in the forms in the usual way.
  • Waiver form will not be signed. Participating in the walk acknowledges that the participant has read the trip sheet (waiver form) and accepts the risks.
  • Do not participate if you have any cold or flu symptoms.
  • Social distancing with 1.5m distancing where practical.
  • Limited car-pooling and number in cars.
  • No handshakes or cheek kisses.
  • Please practice hand hygiene and bring your own hand sanitiser.
  • It is preferred for participants to have the COVID-19 app on their phone.
  • Above all, please use common sense.

When booking an activity please have the following information available for the organiser.

  • Address.
  • Emergency contact information (name and phone number).
  • Confirmation via e-mail if possible is requested.

Please note, these guidelines will be re-assessed as authorities amend restrictions.