About Us


Sutherland Bushwalkers provides opportunities for outdoor activities to enjoy our natural environment with others. Membership is open to all people 18 years and over, and currently stands at approximately 350 members.


Charlotte Pass 2023 - courtesy Marylin Fooks

Charlotte Pass 2023

The activities offered by our Club include bushwalking, cycling and kayaking . The activities range in duration from one day to extended periods over several weeks and vary from local to interstate and overseas.

Activities are led by volunteer Activity Organisers and are detailed in the Club program which is provided to financial members quarterly.  Activity Organisers details are not available to non members.

Activities are generally graded according to the difficulty, experience and level of fitness required on a scale of 1 to 6, with 1 being the easiest. On an activity Graded 4 or above you could encounter off track sections and/or exposed areas at any time. These grades are not necessarily exactly the same as those used by other Clubs. Detailed descriptions of grades of each activity are provided under the pages for bushwalking, cycling and kayaking .

Some activities come with more risk than others. The activity organiser may exclude any participant who, in their judgement may have difficulties completing the planned activity.

All participants in activities do so at their own risk and must sign a liability waiver accepting sole responsibility for any personal injury or property damage they might sustain. However, financial Club members are covered under the blanket insurance policy taken out by Bushwalking NSW on behalf of Bushwalking Clubs NSW for all activities included in the program.