Activity Bookings


It is imperative that bookings be made directly to the activity organiser. Preferably, at least 4 days notice for one day activities and 10 days for overnight activities should be given if you wish to participate, so that transport can be arranged. Frequently the activity organiser has to place a limit on the number of people that may participate, so it is best to book early. Please note that visitors cannot participate in multiday activities.


Where transport is by car, travel costs are shared between passengers. The following formula is suggested to calculate the contribution of each person: double the cost of fuel, then add any additional costs e.g. entrance fees, road tolls etc and divide by the number of occupants.


The time and conditions arranged by the Activity Organiser for meeting and departing cannot be extended to wait for those who are late.

If you find that you are not able to attend, please advise the activity organiser immediately. This may allow another person to attend.