Activity Program

A public version of the Club program has Activity Organiser contact details removed for privacy. It gives prospective members an idea of Club activities and when they will occur. When you become a financial member of the Club you will receive a program with all Activity Organiser details included or you may access it from the Members Area.

If you wish to try out an activity send an email via the Contact Us page to obtain contact details. When you contact the activity organiser they will determine if you can participate in that particular activity.  Please note that visitors cannot participate in multiday activities.

Quarter 1 January to March 2024

Quarter 2 April to June 2024

Quarter 3 July to September 2024

Quarter 4 October to December 2023



We are always in need of new activity organisers, new activities and new ideas. If you’d like to be an activity organiser or would like some support with leading an activity please make sure you let the Program Secretary know. An experienced activity organiser or club member will act as mentor to those new or inexperienced.