The annual membership fees are set by the Club’s committee every year for the following year. The fee is currently  $30 per annum. The fee covers administrative costs and insurance. There is no separate fee for joining as a new member.

Membership runs on an annual calendar year cycle, with renewals effective from 1 January and ceasing on 31 December each year.

Those who join on or after 1 October each year will have membership confirmed until 31 December the following year – i.e. up to 15 months. Those who join between 1 January and 30 September pay for the year of joining only. The Club makes renewal applications available to members in November for the following year. Members must renew by the end of the following January, otherwise membership ceases.


Membership is open to all 18 years of age and over who accept the objectives and rules of the Club. All participants in activities do so at their own risk and must sign a liability waiver accepting sole responsibility for any personal injury or property damage they might sustain. However, financial Club members are covered under the blanket insurance policy taken out by Bushwalking NSW on behalf of Bushwalking Clubs NSW for most activities included in the program. There is an age limit when insurance for an activity ceases. For further information, go to the Contact Us page.

Children under 18 years of age are welcome as Visitors at club activities only if accompanied by a club member, who is responsible for the child. Children are not eligible to join the club until their eighteenth birthday. Sutherland Bushwalkers encourages the participation of children and young people in Club activities with the consent of the activity organiser and the signed “Children’s Activity Risk Waiver” form completed. This is part of the Club’s Child Protection policy. The policy is available in the Members Area of the website.


Those wishing to join the Club may participate in up to three activities in any one year to determine whether they wish to join the Club. If you wish to “try out” an activity send an email via the Contact Us page to obtain the contact details of the activity organiser. When you contact the activity organiser they will determine if you can participate in that particular activity. Participation in an activity will require signing a risk waiver form, as for any Club member.

This same rule will apply to visitors and/or friends of Club members – they are welcome to “try us out” for up to three activities.

Please note that visitors cannot participate in multiday activities.



Complete the membership application form: Sutherland Bushwalkers Club Membership Application Form and make payment. Please note that those wishing to “Try Us Out First” (see above) do not need to complete this membership form until deciding to join.